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Submission and Pricing

Welcome to George Barnett Photography. Submissions of our Photographs for Licensing are only made to businesses and publishers interested in reviewing our work for possible purchase and publication.

This page is intended as a guide to assist our customers with negotiating Licensing and Pricing of an image. In all cases, the final negotiated usage and terms are unique to each client, so, it is virtually impossible to pre-print a list and say "here is what it will cost". It is similar to buying a vehicle. A fully loaded Mercedez Benz will cost you substantially more then a stripped down economy model.

We License Rights to use a specific image for a specif ic type of usage or application. Image usage is, simply stated, how or where the image will be applied. As a general guideline, higher quality images used in high exposure applications will cost more money. Lower quality images in limited exposure markets cost less. A usage could be a catalog cover, or it could be packaging, or illustration for a web site. Or, it could be all three of these.

Unless specified otherwise in writing and in a negotiated contract, we sell One-Time Usage Rights that are Non-Exclusive. Licensing will be for One Year, and Single Product unless specified otherwise in writing. A contract will always be required. Ownership of the image and it's Copyright will always remain the property of George Barnett Photography, the client is never purchasing the image itself or the Copyright to the image. Additional "Negotiated Rights" may be for one specific usage or for multiple usages. They can extend annual to ongoing, non-exclusive to exclusive, and single product to multiple product. Options to purchase multiple rights, long-term rights, or exclusive rights to an image will always be presented to the customer if appropriate.

As a guide and reference point, we use pricing software that provides high, low, and average costs of images licensed for specific usages within the marketplace. We will give the client all of this information during our negotiations.

In pricing any image, details are important. For example, with catalogs, brochures, and other print applications, we need to know the size of the print run and whether the usage is a cover or an inside usage. The size of the image in the usage may also be a factor. In cases where multiple usages will occur, multiple rights packages will be arranged with the client. Discounts will be offered if multiple images are a part of the package (5 or more). Discounts are also offered for annual renewals and return business. When budgets are limited, so normally are the rights purchased. However, we will always leave an option open to the client to license additional rights at normal market prices should the need and additional funding arise.

Our goal at George Barnett Photography is to create and provide the very best high quality images that bring your advertising ideas to life and customers to your product. Never underestimate the power of effective, high quality photography in your marketing and advertising efforts. Nothing turns a customer away faster than poor visual effects, even when the product itself is good. Nothing garners attention faster then great photography surrounding your product. Our primary objective is to place quality images into the hands of our valued clients at a fair market value. For a list of some of our current and past clientelle, please visit our home page.

We look forward to working closely with you as a potential client and welcome your questions and responses.