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Image Ranch

Image Ranch was designed and built by nationally known wildlife photographer George BHunting Picturearnett. This 21 acre outdoor facility was developed exclusively for creating custom still and video photography to meet the photography needs of the ever expanding Hunting, Fishing and Outdoor Industry. The facility houses a number of wildlife species such as whitetail deer, various small game, turkey, quail, and pheasant.Hunting Picture

Our goal at George Barnett Photography and Image Ranch is to create and provide the very best high quality pictures that bring your advertising ideas to life and customers to your product. Never underestimate the power of effective, high quality photography in your marketing and advertising efforts. Nothing turns a customer away faster than poor visual effects, even when the product itself is good. Nothing garners attention faster then great photography surrounding your product.

Fishing PictureProducts such as game calls, tree stands, scent attractant products, wildlife feeders, lures, and other fishing, camping, hunting, and outdoor oriented equipment are but a few of the items that can be transformed from idea into imagery at Image Ranch. Professional models skilled in the use of outdoor equipment are employed by the facility or you may supply your own personnel.Hunting Picture

Whether your objective is a scene marketing your latest bow, firearm, camouflage clothing, a whitetail buck responding to your latest scent attractant product or call, or a huge bass thrashing the water's surface with a newly developed lure, George Barnett Photography can develop the creative and dramatic imagery needed by companies to meet their marketing and advertising needs. Many of the images illustrating this web site were custom shot at the facility including all images shown in the Image Ranch section of our website.

Turkey PictureLocated in close proximity to several major scenic lakes and beautiful streams, the facility is capable of producing still and video photography portraying a vast range of habitats in North America. We've done everything but import the Rocky Mountains. Numerous water habitats are available for use in fishing and waterfowl hunting scenes. Irrigated areas are available within our whitetail habitats for planting and promoting feed products such as clovers or other food plot products available on todays market. Many different types of deciduous and coniferous trees are maintained within the various habitats with several new species scheduled for introduction on a yearly basis.

Pricing of customized imagery is based upon several factors including set up time, the difficulty of producing the image and its usage. Stock Image pricing is based upon industry averages for the specific application. Pricing can be tailored to meet the needs of your companys budget. You can e-mail or fax an inquiry to George Barnett Photography and a company representative will contact you with pricing information.

Other services such as image development, advertising design, brochure layout and printing, digital videography and other related media services are available as well. Give us a call or make plans to be on sight for a photo shoot detailing your future product video and photography needs.


All photos published on this site are copyrighted and protected under Federal Copyright law. They may not be downloaded or used in any manner without written permission from George Barnett Photography.